Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Five O'clock (a revision of Bravery)

I wonder how you feel
around 5 O'clock
when you come home from work

if we take the joy out from you
and drag it across the kitchen floor

Send you retreating into the old
rocker, battered, to sit for the rest of the night
in front of the three-channeled television.

Like the strange failure of those waves from
the broadcasting networks to the
flimsy antennae of the tv,

I can never get a signal from you that is
strong enough to decipher.

And one thought reruns in my head,
a consistent 5 o'clock syndication:
One day you will drop dead, and I won't know a
Goddamn thing about you.

1 comment:

nckhrkman said...

i like this much better. the middle stanza reads a little awkward, but i like the idea behind it.