Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aurora Borealis

Winter time finds me,
with the onset of the cold,
wanting only to flee
this town
and drive five or six hours north
to a latitude of higher geomagnetic activity
where the Aurora will shine green and red and brilliant.
Where we will take pictures with your Holga
and cross our fingers that they turn out.
Far away from the town-glow
the terrible side effect of strip malls
that follows you for 5o or 60 miles,
and 20 some odd years,
until you are far away in the dark.

The trick is catching it.

Calculating that exact moment
the perfect latitude
the right moon cycle
the juncture when that storm of space dust
will burn brilliantly overhead.
Find someone on your exact same wavelength
and try to freeze time
with a picture.