Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Dog, Big Shunts: Save Fred

My dog Fred was recently diagnosed with Liver Shunts.
This condition is extremely expensive to treat and requires surgery.
I got Fred last year after my granny died (if you read the blog, you should be very familiar with her and the closeness of our relationship). This little dog means so much to me.

Liver Shunts are essentially a condition in which blood vessels by-pass the liver, allowing un-filtered toxic blood to continually pump through the body. University of Tennessee has a very comprehensive explanation of the condition and its ramifications.
Fred has already begun to suffer seizures from the condition, as well as lethargy and loss of muscle mass.

Fred has made me a better person every day since I met him. He has been an excersize in patience and unconditional love.
If you are able to help, I appreciate it more than I can explain.

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