Tuesday, August 26, 2008

April 24

It is daily now that I am struck by the beauty of the world surrounding me.
I have skipped classes for dread of going indoors.
I have seen bees soar above my head in a mating dance
that is intricate and violent
passionate and dangerous.
I have felt the love of the sun on my shoulders until it was seared in.
Only the sting at night to remind me of its warmth in the day.

Sometimes I care so much that it hurts
it overwhelms me
and makes me helpless.
Sometimes I want the relief and refuge of indifference.
The burdenless beauty of self-centeredness.
If only I could pretend that the world was a centrifuge spinning endlessly around me.
That I was the eye of the storm - everyone else an inconsequential raindrop.

It must never hurt to be self-centered.
To never feel the ache of empathy,
the incurable sadness of mourning for another's pain,

the hard sting of beauty

the inadequacy of words.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I hated it when my mama would pan-fry hamburgers
the smell would crawl up the stairs and settle into
every fiber of my carpet and clothing.

You have woven yourself into my life
every photo and ticket stub
you have crawled up my legs and settled into my mind.
You sneer out from every poster on my walls
every blanket on my bed
every intersection
every movie theater
and restaurant

and i want to hate you
like the greasy smell of
dead frying meat.


I almost cried when i realized
that airplanes held no more
magic for me.
A strategic combination of
fuel and speed and
No longer the alchemy of people
in the sky

where they don't belong.