Sunday, June 7, 2009

"its all happening..."

Big accomplishments that deserve my kudos:

Sphere: this year's edition is absolutely excellent.
It is rumored that English Professor Mark Halliday asked for 30 copies of this year's edition so that he could nix Emil Dickinson from his syllabus and require his students to write a paper on a piece of their choice from Sphere no. 53
Look out legends, Sphere is creepin in. 

Trailerpark: Some of my very dearest friends were involved in the production of a feature length film based on the novel by Russell Banks, entitled Trailerpark. I went to the premier this evening and I am so impressed by the story adaptation and the quality of this student film. 
Check out the trailer for Trailerpark cut by my good friend Jon Machles at:

Artists Collective: This new-ish student group attempts to gather together Athens artists for collaboration. The group boasts writers, visual artists, film makers, actors and musicians. I was invited to read some of my work at their end of the year gala this past Wednesday. I am excited to be a part of their growing organization and look forward to collaborating with their president Ray Monge next year on some major Sphere promotional work. 

So much art to wrap up an amazing year.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sometimes on Sundays
uncle Tom would show up
smelling like alcohol
and giving away 20 dollar bills
to all the kids.

Mama would make him
dinner and a cup of coffee
before Daddy collected back
all the money and drove him
to the bus stop, saying
"go on back to your family, Tom."

And every night Daddy would 
light a cigar and watch the 
CBS news or Lawrence Welk 
in his rocking chair,
laughing a little.

And every morning he would read
the paper in his undershirt and 
suspenders and drive his dump 
truck down the street and
employ black men even 
when it was taboo --  

Throw bread crumbs off the 
porch, saying "The birds gotta 
eat too, Mama." and how do
men who wear their work boots 
every day shrivel up and die?