Monday, April 20, 2009

Notes on recent life

My previous thesis plans have changed. Unfortunately Jill Rosser is unable to direct my thesis work next year and new plans must be made as my penultimate portfolio is due in a matter of weeks. However, good ideas seem to flow in times of stress and uncertainty. Thankfully. 
My thesis work will now be directed, roughly, towards my very favorite of subjects (and practices): Food. 
An amazing professor of plant biology here at OU has preliminarily agreed to direct my thesis work. A project with the working title of "Words on Food." 
I am interested in what American's eat, where it comes from, how it's grown, why its not sustainable, and what America can learn from other countries about eating and growing
It could involve touring farms, grocery stores, slaughter houses, traveling to sustainable alternative agriculture sights, maybe even growing my own garden! 
It's a big topic and a big project as of now, but it is very exciting. 

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nckhrkman said...

jill flaked on you? crap on a cracker.

whatev, food is rad. and a garden? double word score points right there.