Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Laws of Nature

Two men hang glide near the dam
they swing on the wind
blown dandelion seeds
then drop
all red and yellow parachutes
and crumple on the ground.

Two girls drive through the desert
top down
all Joshua trees and sand
heads turning all directions
the dead parts dropping off.

The west canyon rises high
and hard into the clouds--
the only objects casting fat shadows
in the noon sun.

The dam restrains the gushes,
human laws for wild things.

1 comment:

nckhrkman said...

i would like more parallels and more interconnection between the two pairs of people. i really love the hang gliders being compared to dandelion seeds and the drivers being compared to cacti, and how both are aligned as human, mechanical locomotion opposing and resembling the natural, but i'm not sure why they're being juxtaposed. i also like that the title is in conflict with the last line, but i'm too dumb to figure out the significance. there's some really cool point being made that i'm just not pickin' up.