Thursday, August 6, 2009


My sunglasses,
the big ones
I always have on

the ones he said
he hated once
because they hid
my eyes

another said
they were retro
or something
like that

and you, well
you bought them for me, but
I've been wearing them
so long I'm not sure
you notice them anymore...

they have a pinkish
yellow tint, that
makes everything
more beautiful.

Intensify the
effects of transient
light on stable earth
the greens of plant
the blue on white of sky

They make those contrasts
more deliberate, and
gentler too, somehow.

On this deck, now
admiring the backyard
I realize I am not
wearing them, for once

and that the technicolor
I see is all 9 a.m. sunlight.

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