Tuesday, October 27, 2009


If Einstein was right, 

then there is no long straight

string of time

and everything is cyclical

boundaries in flux, beginnings

and ends mutable, or nonexistent

and who’s to say that as I lean

over the sink its particles don’t

expand to accept a few of mine 

and we don’t become intertwined 

for a moment or few or

that the paste doesn't serve as some

emulsifier between enamel and bristle,

combining tooth and brush

and eliminating plaque in between

and how, then, can I know what

is over? or what has just begun? 

if the events before ever ended

or if we have always wanted each other

brushed our teeth side-by-side

slept together every night 

wished for the same things

but won’t ever end up.

1 comment:

ryan said...

the subtle hug of electron clouds:
for certain we are each other, just not in the ways we want to be; ways that make anything easier.

maybe you could metaphorize plaque a little bit in the body of the thing, making it representative of interpersonal buffer zones or something. at least balance it out with the qualities applied to paste.

this is a really great piece.
i'm out of the gig
but i like yr words.