Friday, January 9, 2009

back in action

after a long winter hiatus (a very productive hiatus, i might add)
i am back to Business.

Exciting news:
*new poetry workshop twice a week which should help me generate lots of material for Business and for my looming thesis project
* AWP creative writer's conference in Chicago Feb 11-14, the head of the creative writing department invited me and offered me a free registration
* exciting visiting authors for the winter: Margot Singer and Olena Kalytiak Davis
The graduate students are always invited to send their work to visiting authors ahead of time and then have a conference with the writer once they are on campus. This time Kevin (my boss in literary events) has offered me the opportunity to send some of my work. So I will have a conference with Olena Kalytiak Davis when she visits in February.

Enough prose.

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